Graduate Spotlight: Faye Saldana

Faye Saldana returned to the workforce after learning of Digital Works in 2013. Little did she know that going back to work to earn extra money for vacations and home improvements would turn more serious. In 2016, her husband had a stroke. Her job placement through Digital Works with Allstate in 2013 made it possible to maintain the family’s obligations and pay extra medical bills.

“Financially, Digital Works was a big boost to my family. I started working initially to help out with extra expenses because my husband worked full time and we were able to get by on the money that he provided. But from the very beginning with my Digital Works training, we were able to do more than ever,” Saldana said.

There’s no doubt that Saldana was her husband’s hero while he was in the hospital. Without him being able to work for a while she became the provider.

Graduate, Faye Saldana

Faye Saldana

“The job I received after my training has let me do more than I could have working at a brick and mortar job. I could be my husband’s support while he was in the hospital, and he was able to recover better since he didn’t need to jump right back into work,” she explained.

“I could even help him at home when I needed to because I was just in the next room on the computer taking calls, so it became convenient with us both being at the house.”

After the medical bills were paid, Saldana was able to save more money and make her and her husband’s dreams come to life.

“I got to buy my dream car, which is a Cadillac, and was able to give my husband the two-car garage that he’d been wanting during the 40 years of our marriage,” Saldana said.

They both went on their first cruise together and are still adding onto their home. Saldana enjoys being able to set her own work hours and earning enough money for fun events in life.

“I have 14 grandkids, and we were all able to go on vacation together and rent a beach house for a week. I truly don’t think we would have been able to make such a great family memory without my training through Digital Works.”

About the Author: Rachel O’Morrow is a junior studying strategic communication at Ohio University in the E.W. Scripps
School of Journalism. Rachel’s areas of interests are public relations, digital marketing, as well as creating branded content. She writes for several Ohio University campus publications and is a Creative Head for the student-led public relations and advertising firm to help businesses reach their audience.

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