Graduate Spotlight – Dean M.

Dean came to Digital Works – Reeb Avenue Center in Columbus, Ohio, looking for a new career opportunity. He had been unemployed and was having trouble finding quality employment, despite having an extensive work history and education. Dean holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and an Associates degree in Medical Laboratory Technology. He has held steady employment in various technology-related positions for the past 40 years, but was only finding temporary employment opportunities for the past few years.

Digital Works career opportunities within the technology sector peaked Dean’s interest and he was looking forward to finding permanent employment.

Dean Moyer at Desk II (2)

“I have been having difficulties getting interviews and acceptance for several years, which I believe is due to my age and experience,” said Dean.

Dean graduated the Digital Works training program in September 2016.

“This course has been excellent in giving me instruction and practice in customer service skills and in preparing for interviews. I am hopeful that my new skills, certification, and resume make me more attractive to potential employers.”

And it certainly did. Dean received a job offer from a local company and began full-time employment in October 2016. While his new position is not technology related, it is a permanent opportunity and gainful employment, which Dean is very excited about.

Congratulations, Dean!

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