Graduate Spotlight: Courtney Anaeki

Fort Campbell, Ky (August 27, 2020) – On August 6, 2020, the Digital Works community observed a milestone: We celebrated graduate Courtney Anaeki — our 1,000thjob placement recipient — during a special event at the Fort Campbell, Ky., facility.

Courtney is a veteran who was looking for remote work when she learned about the program in May. It’s not always easy for a soldier to transition from military to civilian life. Many veterans find it comforting to work for companies that give preference to prior military members because they value their dedication and the unique skills they bring.

“We’re grateful to work with so many wonderful vendors who offer employment preference to veterans and military spouses,” said Chantel Cooke, Digital Works proctor and mentor.

The Fort Campbell DW facility is located directly outside of the military post, and graduates have included military spouses, veterans, and spouses of veterans. Being able to offer a remote job training and placement program to the military community has been amazing. Oftentimes, spouses must move to another part of the country or overseas every few years, and having remote work enables them to bring their employment with them. Veterans sometimes suffer from injuries and are not able to travel to work, so having remote employment options is freeing to these individuals.

Courtney graduated with class three of the Digital Works program and accepted the 1,000thremote job placement. It’s a milestone all Digital Works graduates have helped us reach. A huge congratulations to Courtney and all the graduates on their hard work and determination!

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