Graduate Spotlight: Corissa

Fort Campbell, Kentucky (November 23, 2022) – Have you wondered what advantages Digital Works students want to benefit from when they learn about the program? What was most beneficial for them after graduation and how quickly did they go on to work remotely? We asked our Graduate of the month, Corissa, these questions and more so others who are in a similar situation, find a feeling of connection that helps them decide whether to make the leap to remote employment.

Corissa is a military spouse who’s passionate about her family, fitness, and healthy cooking. She loves all things pertaining to neuroscience and how people can better connect through relationships with others and themselves! She graduated from the program in August and has been working in a work-from-home position since September and loving it.

Corissa D.

Corissa D.

How did you learn about the Digital Works program and what interested you in joining?

I learned about the program from The Spouse Employment Center in Fort Campbell, KY. I chose digital works because I wanted help developing a better resume and guidance finding reputable companies to work for. I knew finding legitimate vendors would be a challenge if I tried to go about it alone.”

What were you able to gain from the program?

After the program, I had a better understanding of the different aspects of remote work, and I loved that the program gave me access to other learning platforms even after the class was finished. I now have a resume that I was happy to submit to employers and found a wonderful company to work for

How has being a military spouse and working remotely been able to benefit you?

My spouse is often gone for extended periods of time for training, working from my home has allowed me to feel connected to my family.”

For you, what have been some of the best aspects of working from home?

I’m a multi-tasker, during my breaks I switch laundry over, cook and meal prep, do some light cleaning around my home. These are all things I wouldn’t be able to do while working in-person and because of that, I now have more time to spend with my family.”

Thank you so much for the honor to be included in this program! I feel so blessed that Digital Works has helped me find this job that I love!” – Corissa

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