Graduate Spotlight: Cody Haner

One of the youngest graduates, 22-year-old Cody Haner, was a college student until he unexpectedly lost his father during his first semester. He needed to get back on his feet and find a job close to home so he could save money to go back to school.

“I was shy before the training with Digital Works began, but we worked a lot on interview skills, and I learned to talk about my skills in a more exciting and qualified manner through practice phone interviews,” Haner said.

His greatest accomplishment from Digital Works is that he is better prepared to talk about himself to employers and has learned customer service skills that he believes he can apply to any job.

Cody Haner

Cody Haner

“Even in class I got more comfortable talking to the other people training and now I feel like I can reach out to them if I ever needed help finding a job. “Ultimately, Digital Works has helped me break out of my shell and meet new people who I can now call friends,” Haner said.

“I’ve always loved working on computers, but now I can talk to people more professionally over the phone and Internet so they get what they need from our conversation each time,” Haner said.

Haner currently works for Concentrix providing tech support for Apple products. “I work from my house and have a set schedule where I’m taking calls and working online, so I don’t have to travel or relocate away from the school where I want to re-enroll.”

Haner plans to continue working for Concentrix with the hope of returning to college in the fall.

About the Author: Rachel O’Morrow is a junior studying strategic communication at Ohio University in the E.W. Scripps
School of Journalism. Rachel’s areas of interests are public relations, digital marketing, as well as creating branded content. She writes for several Ohio University campus publications and is a Creative Head for the student-led public relations and advertising firm to help businesses reach their audience.

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