Graduate Spotlight: Brittany G

Fort Campbell, KY (August 25, 2021) – Brittany and her husband arrived at Fort Campbell, KY in the summer months when they were just a family of three. When their new baby arrived in the midst COVID, she knew she wanted to be home as much as possible. Family has always been Brittany’s top priority, but she also wanted to be a part of the workforce. When she began looking into her options for work-from-home jobs, she discovered Digital Works online.

Brittany G.

A social media post led Brittany to the Digital Works website. There, she learned she could participate in one of their classes virtually and it would prepare her for all aspects of remote work. She immediately registered and watched the orientation video. The program seemed like a perfect fit for the goals she had. 

Just a week later, she was an official student in the June class. She was learning valuable customer service skills, sales techniques, and how to deliver proper phone etiquette. In her last week of class, with the help of her facilitator, she was able to put together a top-notch resume and was introduced to dozens of vetted remote vendors.

After graduating from the three-week program, Brittney was hired to work-from-home for a company that allows her to choose her own schedule! She has the ability to work in hourly increments around her children’s sleep schedules and in the evenings when the family is occupied.

When Brittany was asked what she gained the most from the Digital Works Program she said, “The ability to make my own work schedule. It gave me the freedom to spend more time with family whether we’re just talking about our day, watching a movie or having fun outdoors.”

To learn more about the Digital Works Fort Campbell program, click HERE!

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