Graduate Spotlight – Brandi H.

Brandi is a single mother who came to Digital Works looking for gainful employment to support her family. She has years of customer service and administrative experience and is also an accredited early childhood educator. Despite her experience and education, she found herself unemployed. Brandi came to Digital Works interested in the opportunity to build a career with one of the more than 60 employer partners. As a working mother, the flexible scheduling for many of the work-at-home positions would fit well for her family.

Brandi graduated the Digital Works program in February 2016, and was immediately hired as a LiveOps agent, working from the Digital Works – Busch Boulevard location in Columbus. While working in her new independent customer care agent role, she continued to apply for positions with other companies, looking for her best fit.

Brandi ended up receiving multiple employment offers! In March, she accepted a position with Cleveland-based Ver-A-Fast, assisting newspaper companies with customer service research and reporting. Brandi is currently arranging her home office so she can transition from working at the Digital Works facility to working from her home.

“I had the opportunity to work from home last week and the convenience of it was amazing,” shared Brandi. “I was able to meet the needs of my family, as well as work my scheduled shifts. My children were so happy they didn’t have to be at daycare long evenings. They loved having me home with them. I can’t wait to work from home permanently.”

Brandi holly

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