Graduate Spotlight: Autumn W.

Fort Campbell, Kentucky (March 28, 2022) – Someone interested in working remotely might ask, “What kind of skills do I need to be successful”?  In order to thrive in that environment, you must be self-motivated, independent, comfortable learning and using digital tools and have a knack for problem solving. This month, Digital Works would like to showcase a graduate who has all those skills and more!

Autumn W

Autumn W

Autumn, a New Yorker with an entrepreneurial spirit, moved to Fort Campbell, Kentucky. There, she looked to military resources who helped inform her of the Digital Works program and the opportunity to gain digital skills and customer service training to obtain portable work. 

During the two- week training, Autumn was given the opportunity to apply for an additional online training program with CareerStep. The program was funded through a scholarship program sponsored by the Department of Defense, which provides education benefits for military spouses. She was accepted and excited to receive self-paced training to become certified as a pharmacy technician and even received a new laptop as part of the program.

With her newly obtained computer and customer service skills, she began applying with vendors introduced during the Digital Works program and was offered a remote seasonal position that she gladly accepted. Not only has she taken on a remote work obligation, but she’ll also be working to complete her pharmacy technician training. She’s a true example of the determination needed for success!

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