Graduate Spotlight – Anthony S.

Anthony is 22 years old. He was attaining a college education in information technology but left school to return home to Cheboygan to care for his elderly grandparents. He worked as an assistant manager in the fast food industry for three years but was disappointed with the low wages and a lack of career opportunity. Anthony has self-taught computer and IT skills and would like a job using those skills. He’s the resident ‘IT guy’ for the Digital Works – Cheboygan facility.

“There’re really no other opportunities for me around here, and I’ve been searching,” said Anthony. “I want a career in tech and would eventually like to be in program and software development. I came to Digital Works for tech experience I can put on my resume.”

Anthony was in the second class at Digital Works – Cheboygan, which started training the last week of October 2015. He graduated the first week of January 2016 and landed a tech support job with the same week.

“I am excited to start my new position as a Remote Service Technician with I hope the experience I gain here will be able to help me advance my career rapidly, and allow me to meet all of my goals. I still dream of one day being a Software Developer for a giant like Google, or possibly even creating my own million dollar startup company. I know getting my foot in the door here will allow me to begin reaching for my dreams.”


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