Gallipolis Resident Finds Work Through Digital Works After 6 Months of Unemployment

By Lyndsey Kleven


Pat Bailey came to the Digital Works program after being terminated from her previous job in August of 2013. Struggling for months to find a job that met her needs, the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services directed her to the new Digital Works program in Gallipolis in late fall.

“I was unable to find another job that I can physically be able to do, having arthritis in my knee and hip, I need a job where I can sit down,” said Bailey. “I am completing the training this month and look forward to a long and happy employment relationship through Digital Works.”

Bailey was college educated but hadn’t held a job while she was married and raising children. When Bailey’s husband unexpectedly passed away, she was not old enough to draw any retirement benefits and found herself looking to reenter the workforce. Bailey held several jobs before coming to Digital Works and faced several company closings and layoffs.

“I needed something like what Digital Works is offering,” said Bailey. “The work from home aspect is great, the type of work is great, and it is all exactly what I was looking for.”

Bailey was able to complete the training process in a timeframe that was comfortable for her.

“It has been very easy, Digital Works makes it easy for us,” said Bailey. “The environment is very relaxed and everyone works at their own pace. There is no competition, everyone is just working to do the best they can.”

Coming into the program Bailey had limited technical skills.

“I love the program … and the goals are great. I can’t imagine anyone not being able to do it. From start to finish, Digital Works makes it easy to be successful,” she said. “You are given all the tools and knowledge you need to work with. It is a wonderful opportunity and fits right in with my lifestyle.”

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