Digital Works Student Spotlight: Viviana A.

Fort Campbell, Ky (October 29, 2020) – Viviana is a 24-year-old military spouse living in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, with her husband and her Siberian Husky named Loki. Viviana and her husband moved to Fort Campbell from Puerto Rico two years ago in hopes of bettering their future and careers.


When the couple moved to Fort Campbell, Viviana was still studying for her master’s degree full time at home. But before graduating, she wanted the opportunity to work so she could contribute financially to her household. However, since her husband is in the process of separating from the Army due to health issues, she was concerned about starting a job that she would probably have to leave upon moving to another state.

So when Viviana heard about Digital Works through the Spouse Employment Center, she was interested because of the opportunity to be trained and placed in remote work settings. After learning more, she wanted to be part of the program because she needed flexibility in terms of working while on the move and while studying for the LSATs in hopes of going to law school next fall.

“At first, I believed that it would not be a fit for me because of the difficulty of separating work from home while working at home, but after several orientations, I was determined to make it work,” said Viviana. “Its training has been crucial for me since we live in a technological era and, especially with the COVID-19 situation, it has helped me to prepare to find work remotely, which was an unfamiliar field for me.”

The Digital Works program is an excellent resource for military spouses like Viviana to be trained in an area in which many do not have experience.

“For all of those who seek to work from home, whether it is because of health issues, to take care of your family, or flexibility in schedule, Digital Works is the perfect platform to advance your career,” said Viviana. “If remote work is an area of interest to anyone, I would highly recommend entering the Digital Works program and to benefit from all of the resources and connections they have for you to reach.”

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