Digital Works Student Spotlight: Kyah Moore

Fort Campbell, Ky (May 21, 2020) – After a brief two-week training course through Digital Works, Kyah Moore jumped straight into applying for jobs.

“Digital Works has allowed me to learn the skills necessary for remote work,” says Moore, this month’s student spotlight. “From practicing scripts to learning how to ask the right questions and build rapport with people, I felt very prepared to take on the working world from home. I was extremely lucky as I finished my program and was able to sign on with a company within four days of completion. In fact, I had an offer the day after graduation and I waited to see what other opportunities would come my way.”

Now having received four legitimate remote-work offers, Moore is more than ready to conquer the working world. As a military spouse and triplet mom (you read that right, triplets!), she has learned how difficult the traveling life can be.

“As a military spouse, I have supported my husband throughout several deployments and moves. We were lucky enough to be stationed in Hawaii as our first duty station and were able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and had the pleasure of hiking most of the island. Since moving to Campbell, I have spent most of my free time either volunteering or finishing my college degree. I found that a bachelor’s degree in history can only take me so far, and so I began to look for other opportunities.”

But it took time to convince Moore that the Digital Works program was right for her.

“I found Digital Works through the Pathfinders program and was cautious initially because there are a lot of scams that claim they will help you work from home, and I feared that this was no different. After a lot of promotion and seeing a brick-and-mortar building, I decided to take a chance and enroll in one of the digital courses offered.”

The training and guidance she received during her time with Digital Works has made a lasting impact that she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. When you add in the changes happening all around us, this opportunity came at the right time in the right way for her and her family.

“As many of us know, being home is essential right now with the schools being closed and the world in what seems like utter chaos, and I wanted to be able to work where I could be with my family. Digital Works was able to teach me interview skills and how to improve my résumé and cover letter, which helped me obtain a job in record time. In the past, I had struggled to even get to the interview point and with the training and education I gained from this program, I had employment opportunities that I never dreamed were possible.”

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