Digital Works Student Spotlight: Cierra Smith

Fort Campbell, Ky (May 26, 2020) –It’s an honor to introduce Cierra Smith, who took part in Digital Works’ very first all-virtual class. She’s a military wife with a bubbly personality and infectious smile. She also has a passion for animals, which led her to become a certified dog groomer.

When she married her husband and moved to the Fort Campbell area, she quickly realized that finding new clients in a place she wasn’t familiar with would prove difficult. She knew she could build a grooming business in her community but feared having to leave it all behind when her husband received orders to relocate to a new duty station. All of her hard work and dedication to building a reputation as a groomer in her community would have to be built all over again in an entirely new area. “Having to constantly move and rebuild my clientele in each new city and state was going to be really difficult.”

Cierra considered a career change, and that’s when she learned about Digital Works. “Ikept hearing about this program and was hesitant at first to step away from everything I knew and try something different, but my husband kept encouraging me to do it,” she says. “Once I realized it would be the best decision for me, I decided to go for it. I knew that if I had a job teleworking, I could take it with me to any duty station. Digital Works gave me the tools I needed to find and be successful in a remote job. Most importantly, it gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone.”

Cierra graduated from Digital Works on April 20,2020, and just seven days later, she landed a job in a remote position using the skills she acquired through the program. “Now I have the flexibility to create my own schedule, and I can take this job with me no matter where I move,” she says. “I’m able to take time for myself, my friends and my amazing husband. I enjoy being able to earn an income from the comfort of my own home while having the flexibility to spend time with the people who mean the mostto me.”

“I will forever be thankful that I took this leap, and forever thankful for the entire Digital Works family that I’ve met along the way.”

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