Digital Works Student Spotlight: Amanda and Jack Pulliam

Fort Campbell, Ky (July 23, 2020) – Class VII has been working together for the past few weeks to finish up training and get ready for the job search! Amanda and Jack Pulliam are both part of this class, a first for our Fort Campbell program. Husband-and-wife teams can definitely be an interesting addition to the class, and this couple has been a blast, often bringing their life experiences to the table to share with others.

Jack, an Army veteran, heard about our program through the Wounded Warrior Project’s “Warriors to Work” initiative. Amanda, having served as an active military spouse alongside Jack and now as a spouse to a veteran, actually received information about Digital Works from both Campbell Strong and the Warriors to Work team. They figured, when you hear it from a few angles, it’s probably worth looking into!

Amanda and Jack have been home-schooling their kids for the past few years, well before the COVID-19 shutdowns, and this year is no different.

“Home-schooling works for us and we plan to continue, even more so with the changes in the schools likely to hit this year. With that being said, we are to the point in our lives where we both want and need to work. Our kids are too young to stay at home, and they need help with their schooling, so remote work really just seemed like the perfect fit.”

The husband-and-wife duo were glad to be able to get into the same class, complete the training together, and start the job search as a team.

“The class has been very interesting for us. It has been great to interact with others, despite the virtual instructional method, and we laugh a lot. The atmosphere is really open and encouraging. Sure, we are married, but we both have different goals and experiences. The Digital Works class has really helped us focus on our individual preferences while allowing us to work together, study together, and support each other through the process.”

Amanda has been teaching her kids at home for the last few years, and her contribution to the class has been incredibly beneficial. She is a natural and will be a great mentor to future students! Jack has been labeled our IT guy of the class, and since he is looking for a job in tech support, it is fitting that the class looks to him for tech advice! We are looking forward to seeing the Class VII Pulliam team jump into the telework world and excel just like they have in class!

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