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Digital Works Hiring Story:


After being unemployed and unable to find work for three years, Richard Bauman had become discouraged with his outlook of getting back into the workforce. Living in rural Logan, Ohio, job opportunities were becoming increasingly harder to come by.

“Filling out applications, resumes, going on interview, I’ve done it all, and that’s between here and Columbus,” said Bauman.

Bauman’s prospects quickly turned around once Digital Works opened its doors in the heart of downtown Logan last fall. Digital Works is a job placement and technology skills training program that provides mentoring and training to workers seeking employment opportunities. Bauman’s initial interest in Digital Works stemmed from his technical background and customer service experience.

Digital Works offers opportunity for advancement into more technical jobs. Once a participant completes the initial six-week training program they secure a level one position; additional training is available if they are looking to advance into a more technical position.

“I’m in the process of taking the PHP (Hypertext Preprecessor) and code writing part of the training,” said Bauman. “I’m looking forward to the new opportunities that I’ll get from this part of the programming training.”

As Digital Works centers open across the state, many facilitators are working across multiple locations as the program is quickly expanding. Digital Works Logan opened its doors in August and has already had 18 people complete the training and be offered employment, with many more expected in the coming months.

“Richard Bauman was in the first training class in Logan and one of the first to complete the program,” said Tammy Spring, Digital Works Logan facilitator. “From day one he expressed an interest in moving beyond a level one position and demonstrated this by completing the training in just three weeks. His passion to help others and driven work ethic made him a perfect fit to be Digital Work’s very first proctor.”

Bauman continues to progress through the advanced training portion of the program. As the proctor he also oversees logistics of the Logan center, assists with training, and provides mentorship while Spring is assisting with start-up of the program in two new locations.

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