Digital Works Is Opening a New Facility in Fort Campbell, Classes Set for February 2020

Fort. Campbell, KY (January 13, 2020 ) – Digital Works, a Connected Nation initiative, will be opening a new facility in Fort Campbell, KY. Their mission at this new facility is to help bring work-from-home jobs to military spouses, veterans, and select dependents. This mission was inspired by the strong need for employment in these lives of these individuals. Studies reveal that active-duty military spouses face a 24 percent unemployment rate. That means 1 in 4 military spouses are struggling to find employment.

Access to remote jobs is crucial for many military families, who often are required to relocate. Here at Digital Works Fort Campbell, we are passionate about helping these spouses, veterans, and dependents find their place in the workforce. Having a new source of income can be so beneficial and freeing to these individuals.

Throughout this four-week program, participants will not only complete the course with two certifications as well as job interviews with remote employers, but they will also form a sense of community. We are here to help these students and families for years down the road. We strongly believe that irreplaceable friendships will be made in this facility, resulting in strong bonds and frequent get-togethers.

We are excited to get our first class up and running. It currently is scheduled to begin the first week of February. As we wait for classes to start, our new location has been under construction and has gotten a makeover. Local painters transformed the once-drab tan walls into a vibrant green and gray. The once crooked brown tiles have been replaced with gorgeous gray carpet that was hand installed by Connected Nation’s very own Ryan Johnson and Chris Pedersen. New signage will be posted on the front of the building, and there will be brand new furniture and electronics inside. Everything is coming together amazingly, and we are excited to show it off to future students as well as share it with the community.

Digital Works Fort Campbell is always accepting new students. With new classes starting every four weeks, registration can happen at any time. If you or anyone you know is interested in the program, signing up is simple. Just go to, click on “Learn More,” choose the Fort Campbell Location site, and then check your email for instructions.

We want to thank you for showing interest in our program, and we can’t wait to get out there and make an impact on the community. We are here to support military families and veterans in flexible careers.

Register for classes here!

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