Digital Works Launches New Site for Digital Skills Training and Job Placement Assistance

Bowling Green, Ky. (January 22, 2020) – Digital Works (DW) just launched a new, more user-friendly website to help people reach their training and job placement goals. You can find the new website at

The Digital Works program was developed by Connected Nation (CN) to fill today’s high demand for workers who have digital skills and the desire to work remotely.  The program also focuses on helping communities grow this important but often overlooked sector of their workforce development strategy, increasing their competitive advantage and economic vitality.

“This next evolution of Digital Works comes at a time when companies are scrambling to find employees who can meet the unique demands of online work,” said Tom Ferree, Chairman & CEO, CN. “By working with companies to identify their needs, we are able to tailor our training in a way that increases each graduate’s potential for job placement. But it’s not just the individuals we’re helping. By implementing this program communities can expand their tax bases by having jobs meet families where they are—something that’s critically important in rural areas.”

Data released in September 2019 from Global Workplace Analytics showed that telecommuting could save $700 billion yearly across the U.S. In addition, those who are teleworking are making more money than those who are not. According to a report released in November from the Benton Institute for Broadband and Society, “the percentage of residents teleworking from home in both salaried and self-employed jobs had a positive and significant impact on median household income.”

The new Digital Works website was developed in partnership with Hatfield Media in an effort to open up those opportunities to more communities. Hatfield Media worked to create a more user-friendly experience that will allow individuals with all levels of online experience to easily navigate the site and learn more about upcoming opportunities.

“The new website was designed with a strong focus on user experience,” said Drake Hatfield, President & CEO, Hatfield Media. “Our goal was to simplify navigation, consolidate content and provide a platform which can scale overtime. We find that user-friendly websites generally yield higher conversions and interactivity from visitors. In this case we wanted to serve employers as well as job seekers. It has been a joy to work with Connected Nation on this endeavor!”

Among other things, users of the site can find details on how communities can bring Digital Works to their area, how companies can become an “employer of choice”, ways to support the program’s expansion, and testimonials from graduates who have gone before them.

According to the Department of Defense, military spouse unemployment stands at 24 percent, and they move, on average, every two to three years. Digital Works hopes to lower the unemployment numbers through this approach.

To learn more about Digital Works, visit DW at or email staff at

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Chris Pedersen
VP, Development and Planning
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Digital Works, a program of Connected Nation, connects people to leading-edge customer support and IT jobs for global corporations by providing training, mentorship, and job placement assistance, as well as the opportunity for advanced careers.


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