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Below are two Digital Works graduate stories from the fourth quarter of 2015. These stories are featured in the Digital Works quarterly report delivered to the Ohio Development Services Agency, which funded Digital Works efforts and programs in Ohio in 2015. You can read more graduate stories here.

Eric and Esther graduated from the Digital Works program in November 2015. Esther had been working a part-time job while Eric had been unemployed for three years prior to coming to Digital Works. Both were affected by the closure of the DHL facility in Wilmington, where they had previously held full-time positions for years. The couple has four children, and found it financially difficult for both to job search or work at the same time. As a result, they have been living off one income for quite some time. Upon graduating, both were immediately hired by NexRep for a special seasonal position. They were able to work separate shifts, which allowed for one to be home with the children while the other worked. Eric and Esther thank Digital Works for allowing them to have a proper Christmas with special gifts for their children.

“Eric and I are not used to people going to such great lengths to help us,” said Esther. “We are blessed to have met [Tracy, facilitator,] and be a part of Digital Works.”


Levi is in his first year of college and in need of a job to help pay for school costs. He graduated the Digital Works program, via the Logan facility, in August 2015, and was hired by NexRep in October. His job offers him the flexibility to work for a few hours in the evenings and on weekends, around his class schedule. Levi is also happy to be building his resume.

“I wouldn’t be able to continue in college without this job,” said Levi.


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