Digital Works Hires Trainee to Facilitate Program

When Pearlie Palmer attended orientation at Digital Works in Portsmouth, the only thing that she wanted was to secure a way to support her family before her unemployment benefits expired. As a single mother with a 13-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old special needs son, it was essential that Palmer find a way to start earning a paycheck as quickly as possible. Even with a bachelor’s degree in social work, Palmer was unable to find work locally.

“I had worked in the field of social work for over 20 years, I knew that I always wanted to help people,” said Palmer.  “After becoming unemployed, I had almost given up hope of finding good people to work with.”

Becoming part of the first Digital Works Portsmouth training class was a move in the right direction for Palmer. In just over a month, Palmer’s hard work and persistence with the Digital Works training program paid off and she was offered a level-one employment position.

“Being in this class has provided me with hope, hope that people care and can overcome challenges with a little help. Through this program, individuals are finding satisfaction in what they can achieve. Having a facilitator to help motivate, inspire, and encourage individuals who feel lost and beaten by the system is what truly makes Digital Works successful,” said Palmer.

As a result of Palmer’s interest and success with the Digital Works training process, Digital Works hired Palmer to serve as the site’s full-time facilitator. In the facilitator position, Palmer now trains and mentors new Digital Works candidates through the job placement process.

“The more I am with this organization the more I am forced to realize the doubts and negativity that prevent us from becoming successful. I see this with the individuals we work to provide services to and even with our community resources,” said Palmer. “The kindness and generosity of the Digital Works organization can be life changing.”

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