Digital Works Graduate Gains Newfound Confidence Through Training Program

Class of 2016: Judy Moody
Columbus, OH (August 5, 2020) – In 2016, Judy Moody found herself looking for new employment. Her search led her to Digital Works…and a whole new world of opportunities!
“Overall, Digital Works gave me a lot of confidence because I never thought that I’d be any good at online training courses, working with computers, or learning more about technology,” Moody said. “The class atmosphere really helped me because it was friendly and very business-like at the same time, so I felt comfortable learning skills I wasn’t at all familiar with on the computer.”
After graduating in June 2016, Moody began working at a local call center for a major retailer. In 2017, when she reached her one-year anniversary, she was offered the chance to do her job from home. Earlier this year (2020), she was offered yet another opportunity with that same company providing email support. Join us in congratulating Moody on her four-year work anniversary!
Her advice to anyone considering Digital Works training is simply, “Do it!”
“It’s quality training and it’s right in line with what employers are looking for. Digital Works has great relationships with their employer network, which helps the graduates land jobs,” Moody said. “I actually received a job offer the week I graduated. So, if you are really determined to reach that goal, you can achieve it!”
Judy Moody is pictured mentoring graduates in Columbus, OH. If you are interested in learning more about Digital Works, visit our website

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