Digital Works Gives Back This Veterans Day

Fort Campbell, KY (November 11, 2021) – This Veterans Day, Digital Works is honoring those who served by hosting “The Digital Works Annual Veterans Day Turkey Drive”. Digital Works staff members are collecting turkey donations to give to veterans in need around the holidays. This year is the second time the program put on this event. 

Happy Veterans Day

Last year, the team collected turkeys, donations, cards, and more. Not only did they reach their goal of 38 turkeys — they exceeded it! At the end of the day, there were 44 turkeys to deliver, a mission the team was excited to execute.

But the Digital Works program does more for the Veteran community than just donating turkeys, Digital Works at Fort Campbell provides digital jobs training and placement assistance for military spouses and veterans. All of the jobs are remote, economic-base, and in-demand positions—providing new employment opportunities and a larger tax base for the local community.



Below is a list of articles displaying all of the work Digital Works has done to support our veterans year round:

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