Digital Works Continuing To Create Jobs

Video produced by Lyndsey Kleven

Story written by Zach Gerhardt

Jeremy Diamond is a single dad who has faced many obstacles in pursuit of a job. He had been laid off several times the year before he came to Digital Works this past December. Since his arrival, Diamond has started to shine among the group.

Diamond is able to come in after hours to work at the Digital Works location or work from home, in order to set hours that work best for his schedule. Since starting Digital Works, he has advanced to a level-two position and has obtained additional certifications to work as a dedicated customer service representative for multiple companies.

Teresa Felton, Diamond’s Facilitator in Zanesville, said, “I am so proud of Diamond, he always goes above and beyond in an effort to provide excellent customer service.”

The Digital Works program has been in process for a year now, launching in May of 2013. The program now has ten locations open across the state of Ohio to help train unemployed or under employed individuals in rural areas for twenty-first century jobs. Digital Works is a job placement program that guarantees employment upon completion of the training curriculum.

“You’re not on your own, you have a great team to back you up,” said Diamond.  “Overall, the program is a great program – anyone can do it. I would recommend it to anybody.

“I’m impressed with how many different companies that you hear about that we interact with every day. I enjoy the experience of that variety,” said Diamond. “I get paid twice a month; you just have to be patient and go through and put your time and effort in.”

Digital Works helps connect people to twenty-first century jobs. Extended training is available for HTML programming and other technical positions. The program is providing an avenue for communities to create a job incubator, retaining workers in the area and attracting corporate jobs. At the end of training, workers are placed in available positions; all jobs pay above minimum wage and the training provides continued mentoring and opportunities for placement at levels for upward mobility.

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