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Digital Works Logan, Randy E. Greene

A message from Randy E. Greene:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Digital Works for the training that was awarded to me. With six weeks of training, I learned an incredible amount of knowledge of how to improve my techniques in customer service. With this training, I was able to attain employment with a local business, working as a reservation and customer service representative. I would like to thank Tammy Spring, the coordinator and trainer at Digital Works Logan, for her wonderful abilities in encouraging, training, and skills, talking with customers. She made this process into a very enjoyable, and learning experience. The entire staff of this company made me feel very welcomed, and were there helping all of us in any way possible. I’d like to thank my fellow classmates for their encouragement as well, as we functioned as a team, helping each other along the way.

I also have to thank Mayor Irvine, the Chamber of Commerce, and all city officials who helped bring Digital Works to the Logan area. I believe that this company will help many find employment opportunities, as well as train and improve their skills. I have no doubt that the city of Logan brought a quality company that will serve our city, and county well.

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