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Digital Works Logan, Martha Holloway

Martha Holloway was part of the original six trainees in the first Digital Works training class in Logan, Ohio. In early October, Holloway received her independent agent number. Holloway worked to complete the final certification process and has been taking live calls! Congratulations Martha!

Digital Works Zanesville, Jeremy Diamond

Jeremy is single dad and has been laid off as a former plant worker for the last year. When there is an opportunity to work at the plant to cover vacations and illnesses, Diamond would take the opportunity to make some income. Looking to find a more stable work schedule, Jeremy enrolled in the Digital Works program.

“Jeremy has worked so hard and is always positive and very inquisitive during the training, he’s an inspiration to me,” said Teresa Felton, Digital Works Zanesville facilitator. “After getting the go ahead to move forward with the next phase of training Jeremy was so excited!”

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