Dakota G.


Starting your own home-based company while raising two children might sound stressful, but for Dakota G., it’s just another day. A friend referred Dakota to Digital Works, after hearing about the work-from-home jobs available through the program. After researching the program online and being unemployed for almost two years, she enrolled in January of 2015. Shortly after graduating, Dakota found work as a Logistics Specialist with a company in Richmond, KY. She was making full commission and was CDL trained on how to effectively perform her job at home.

Dakota realized after her first day that she was hooked. She would search for truck loads that would fit on the commercial truck she was working with, call and negotiate prices with brokers for companies all across the United States, dispatch the truck, complete the paperwork, and her work day was finished. She excelled quickly and knew that she had found her calling.

After a few months of honing her skills and saving up initial starting cash, Dakota created her own limited liability company (LLC). Dakota manages to run her business (Double D Logistics), while also raising her two children.

“I was always certain that I wanted to be a business owner,” said Dakota. “It’s so important to me to stay home with my children, because I want them to always know that I will be here for them in all stages of their lives whenever they may need me.”

Digital Works helped Dakota achieve her dream of opening her own business through the training and support from her facilitator.

“Digital Works was incredible for helping me accomplish my goal,” said Dakota. “I learned how to work from home and always be professional doing so. I was trained in the best way to speak over the phone, and via the Internet. Betty Hays, my instructor, helped me build my resume to get the job in the field I wanted, and has aided me ever since I started the program. Digital Works gave me the exact tools I needed to start my business and be successful.”

Dakota hopes her business will continue to grow without limits. She hopes to be a helpful leader to her employees and always provide the best service, and highest paying truck loads to drivers. Currently, she is starting with Owners and Operators, and things are moving smoothly. She also has plans in the near future to buy trucks of her own and will then be able to employ drivers.

To learn more about the Digital Works program and find a facility near you visit http://digitalworksjobs.org/.

To inquire about jobs or Owner/Operator dispatching with Double D Logistics, please call 866.808.4442 for more information.

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