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Digital Works – Reeb Avenue Center, Columbus, Ohio Graduates

celeste“I’ve been out of work for over 10 years. I couldn’t work due to a disability and I stayed home raising my three kids. I heard about Digital Works through an event at the Godman Guild and was attracted to the flexibility of the opportunities and the various national employers. I have a lot of customer service experience and used to work in sales. It sounded like a good fit.”

“I’ve applied for a position that will allow me multiple breaks throughout the day, which I need due to my disability. I’m excited to be able to start helping my family financially again.”


“I have a degree in Game and Simulation Programming, but I have a 30 month employment gap and haven’t been able to find a job. I had to take care of my mother for a few years. She’s doing better now, so I moved here to Columbus a year ago looking for opportunities. I have a physical disability and haven’t been able to work jobs that require standing on my feet all day. I would love to get back into coding and I know some Digital Works placements have been with online gaming support, which would be great. But I’m also interested in trying new opportunities and just earning an income again.”

kevin“My brother works for Apple Support and has for years. His goal has been to get me tech savvy. We would like to go into business together once I have a few years of tech experience. I had no computer skills before coming to Digital Works, but have years of customer service experience. Digital Works has given me the tech component I need to begin my new career. They also have relationships with employers who will hire people like me, who have been in prison.”

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