Connecting Adults With Disabilities to Flexible, Work-at-Home Careers

Ohio Governor John Kasich has named October Disability Employment Awareness Month. The year 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Digital Works celebrates both of these milestones, as the Digital Works program is an approved provider with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.


Digital Works trains and helps place adults in modern, online jobs. Many of these positions offer flexible schedules with the ability to work from home, which can be quite helpful for adults living and working with a disability.

“At the age of 28 they told me I had MS, that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life, and that I may end up in a wheelchair,” said Alisha. “[Doctors explained] what I have attacks my brain and spinal cord and there is no cure, only treatment. I got sicker and sicker and had to quit my jobs.”

Alisha was hopeful when she found Digital Works. She needed the ability to work from home due to her physical limitations and in order to be near her husband and children. Alisha graduated from the Digital Works program and was offered two positions in the same day!


Stephen graduated from the Digital Works program in spring of 2015. He was unemployed and looking for a job that gave him flexibility. Living with a disability can make daily tasks challenging and traditional work duties difficult for him to complete. He found success with Digital Works and secured employment that lets him arrange his schedule for his frequent doctor visits.

“For someone like me with a disability, you’re always hearing ‘can’t, can’t, can’t.’ But I know I have a lot still to contribute to society,” said Stephen. “I come here [to Digital Works] and I hear ‘I can!’ And I can make decent money, too.”


Jackie is a single mom of two living in Circleville, Ohio. She had been laid off after working 5 years with a commute of more than 45 minutes one way. Despite having the use of only one hand to type with due to a disability, Jackie had no trouble completing the online training program. She graduated in March 2015 and was immediately hired as a support representative with not one, but two companies.

“I love working at home,” said Jackie. “I get to work in a t-shirt and shorts.”

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