Cheboygan Adults Begin Online Careers



“I was so excited about this opportunity; I just couldn’t wait to start,” said Amy. “I’m proud to be part of the first class for Digital Works – Cheboygan. This opportunity is a win-win for everyone. People are getting jobs and money is being put back into the community. Talk about raising the bar!”

Amy was a successful business owner until she relocated to Cheboygan to be close to family. She’s currently a property manager, but likes having variety in her work and she seeks additional income.

“I started the Digital Works training in October and I’m already working (in December). I am working from home with LiveOps, which gives me the flexibility to continue property management, too.”



“I think everyone should have to go through this training,” said Cheryl. “Even though I’ve worked with the public forever, I’m learning new things about how to relate to others and to provide excellent customer service.”

Cheryl has been out of work for two years due to injuries, which have left her with physical limitations.
“I’ve been a cashier my whole life, but now I can’t stand for long periods of time, and I haven’t found other jobs that will let me sit and stand at work. The jobs I’ve applied for through Digital Works will let me work at a computer. I can start work at 7 a.m. or take the morning off to do errands and work the afternoon or evening. I’m my own boss, I’ll only answer to myself, and I can set my own work hours.”

Cheryl will be working from the Digital Works – Cheboygan facility because she does not have Internet access at her home.

“I’m excited to get to work. I’ve never been out of work this long.”



Anthony is 22 years old and currently in training at the Digital Works – Cheboygan facility.

“I was an assistant manager at a fast food restaurant for the past three years,” said Anthony. “I left because of the low wages and I didn’t feel I had a future there. There are really no other opportunities for me around here and I’ve been searching. I want a career in tech and would eventually like to be in program and software development. I have self-taught technical experience and came to Digital Works for tech experience I can put on my resume.

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