Celebrating the Month of the Military Child

Bowling Green, Ky (April 16, 2020) – Over the past month, U.S. military members have sacrificed their time, resources, and health to keep our country safe during the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to remember and honor the great things our military and their families have done, which is why throughout April, Connected Nation (CN) and Digital Works will be celebrating the Month of the Military Child.

According to the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), in 1986, former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger established April as the Month of the Military Child. He wanted Americans to acknowledge and applaud military families and their children for the daily sacrifices they make and the challenges they overcome.

That’s why Connected Nation and Digital Works is honoring military family members —like Jessica Golson, Digital Works Facilitator at Fort Campbell, a former military child and now a military spouse and mother. She explained to us the important role of military children and how strong they have to be for their communities.

“I was a military child, both of my parents served in the Army, and now I have half a dozen of my own,” said Golson. “There are so many things that the average civilian child will never experience that these kids have to endure. It’s not just about moving or leaving friends. Many times, these kids are separated from their mom or dad (or both in dual households) for months at a time. They celebrate holidays and birthdays and school accomplishments through electronic devices — states, countries, or oceans apart.”

Sacrifices these children make include: having to virtually communicate with their families hundreds of miles away, moving every couple years, and having to adjust to a new normal each time a family member is not present in the household due to work. But these children are resilient. At the end of the day, they adapt, grow, and persevere.

“There still is so much that is good,” said Golson. “The bonds between families are strong and founded. Separation means times together are more precious and essential. When families have to leave one home and move to another, they rarely know anyone but each other for the first few weeks or months. During those times, they grow even stronger and closer, providing everything to each other. Military children are compassionate.”

Digital Works (DW) wants to honor military children as best as they can. This program is also for military dependants 18 and older. Digital Works allows those in college or still under depandancy at home to receive the training and placement assistance to help with their income needs as well. By making online remote positions available for military spouses, veterans, and veteran spouses families now have an opportunity to have more than one income wherever their family is stationed.

“It is truly wonderful to witness the way these children come together and being part of that community is something I wouldn’t trade for the world,” Golson said. “There are definitely down times and struggles, but there are also kindred souls and precious moments that we gather along the journey that make it all worth it.”

Join Digital Works in honoring the Month of the Military Child by heading to our website www.digitalworksjobs.organd checking out our resources.




DoDEA Month of the Military Child

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