Amazon is Offering 5,000 Work-at-Home Jobs; Prepare Yourself With Digital Works

Amazon is expanding what it calls its “Virtual Customer Service” jobs. These are work-at-home opportunities, and Amazon is adding 5,000 of them.

The new jobs are available to anyone living in one of 24 states, including Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and West Virginia (see full list below). These jobs are perfect for moms and dads, senior citizens, college students, home-bound adults, young adults entering the workforce, or anyone looking for a new way to earn money.

But, are you really ready to take on one of these new positions?

Digital Works specializes in helping you get up-to-speed in everything from online and over-the-phone customer service to basic digital literacy programs. Our program works with more than 70 employers, and, for that reason, Digital Works understands what companies like Amazon are looking for in new employees.

Learn more about what Digital Works can offer you and share this with others you think may be interested in beginning a new career that offers more flexibility.

States included in the new jobs offers: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin.

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