All About LiveOps: What It Can Do For You

For more than 15 years LiveOps has pioneered the virtual call center world. The LiveOps experience has allowed its independent contractors the opportunity to work with more than 400 clients in various fields of interest. The company’s focus has been on growing business by expanding its client list, introducing new technology into their training packages, and improving every-day processes. Maintaining client and independent contractor satisfaction is a top priority, and they strive to reach these goals each day!

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In the last year LiveOps has been making strides to be seen as ‘more human’ to their independent contractors in order increase job satisfaction and promote a healthy and happy work environment. The management team has been busy this year putting together ‘Agent Roadshows’ in cities throughout the United States. The LiveOps Roadshows are used as a time of comradery and mentorship, but it is also a great place to ask those tough questions you have not been able to get the answer to before.

The Agent Roadshow
On April 27, 2017, the Agent Roadshow came to Columbus, Ohio, and the Digital Works team was in on the discussion. The event took place at a local restaurant called Martini’s in downtown Columbus. Approximately 50 LiveOps agents at various levels of experience were there, and Connect Ohio is so proud that about one-third of those agents graduated from the Digital Works Training Program!

The LiveOps staff included Stephanie Worley, Talent Acquisition; Julie Grossman, VP Community Operations; Julie Marasco, Agent Services and Insurance Licensing; Rachel Goldschmid, Agent Engagement Specialist; and Darrin Petty, Agent Escalations. Agents, including Digital Works, were pampered with lunch, dessert, party favors, and a chance to win a $250 invoice adjustment.

Attendees at the LiveOps Roadshow

Attendees at the LiveOps Roadshow

Getting Down to Business
When it came time to get down to business the staff did a great job of explaining all of the great changes that are coming this year. There is talk of a new agent cloud-based messaging system that will promote mentorship among agents instantly. They also informed the audience that they brought on new staff members who will be providing technical support in addition to the existing forums. These were just a few of the hot topics among the many impressive changes LiveOps is looking to make within the next year.

The LiveOps Agents were then given the opportunity to ask questions they needed answers to— anything spanning from pay increases and call volume to technical issues. Agents gave their suggestions on ways they thought the systems and processes could be improved to allow them to be more effective in helping their customers. Tips and tricks, best practices, and words of wisdom were shared.

The goal of the LiveOps Roadshow is to bring LiveOps Agents together to share information, answer questions, and promote mentorship from within, and from all reports, the Columbus Roadshow was a great success. Digital Works’ staff urges all LiveOps agents to take part in upcoming shows.

LiveOps will be coming to Dayton, Ohio, on June 29, 2017. Be on the lookout for all of the incredible changes that will be coming from this amazing opportunity in the next year. For more information, please reach out to

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