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Who We Are:

Digital Works connects people to leading-edge customer support and IT jobs for global corporations. We offer a technology and client-services training program, along with continued mentorship toward opportunities for advanced IT careers. Graduates of the program can choose to work from home or from a Digital Works center. Since the program launch in Ohio in June 2013, more than 900 people have secured employment.

Digital Works is a program of Connected Nation. Connected Nation is a leading technology organization committed to assisting states, communities, families, and individuals in realizing great economic and social advantages through improved broadband access, adoption, and use. Connected Nation develops and implements technology expansion programs centered on a mission to improve digital inclusion in all areas, rural and urban, alike. www.connectednation.org

Core Elements of the Program:

    1. Community Partnership and Training Facility
      • Establishment of local Digital Works center
    1. The Training Program
      • Recruitment
      • Screening
      • Training
      • Placement
      • Mentoring, Development, and Retention
    1. Employer Marketing and Sales
        • We currently have relationships with more than 70 corporate employers, many of which have a high-demand for virtual talent.