Success Story



Amber previously owned and managed a successful restaurant until physical limitations made it too difficult for her to continue. She was looking for a way to begin another business, despite those physical limitations. Amber found immediate success and received multiple job offers after graduating the Digital Works program.

“Digital Works is awesome and very helpful in fulfilling my goals and dreams for the future,” said Amber.


William Conroy

William Conroy came to the Digital Works training program after being unable to find work on his own.

“I will have structure again in my life because I will be working,” said Conroy. “I will be able to support myself again on my own, and have independence again, which is a wonderful feeling to have.”

He previously worked with a veteran representative who was working to help Conroy find employment and guided him to the Digital Works program. The training program has been fulfilling and taught Conroy a great deal. He likes the self-paced aspect and being able to educate himself in specific areas he finds interesting.

“Digital Works is helping us to secure positions, it is more than just a liaison, it’s placement.”

This week Conroy found employment thanks to the training and guidance he received from the Digital Works program.